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We're Your Reference Guide!

Each day we are faced with decisions -- what products to buy and who should we do business with. We believe that with through sharing the facts, experiences, gut feelings, and even occasional recommendation, can lessen the wasted valuable time and money simply because we're trying to find information and resources. How about having a "one-stop shop" resources for you?

With our mixed experiences in all sides of business and how to use it to suite people’s unique needs makes us a viable choice to help you. We love to blog about any aspects in this every changing and fast paced world of business, and are always willing to evolve as per our readers' demands. If you want to contribute an idea or modify any existing articles, then all of our ears are tuned in to you. Yes! We are listening...

Our mission is simple: to give you a quick-tip and guides to almost aspect in business -- from start up, to running and managing, to hiring and outsourcing people, even career guides and finance information.

Why we are different:

  • We collected techniques that are most recent and up-to-date.
  • We have gather many important aspects before you even consider to start a business.
  • We asked key questions in many different topics.
  • We provide reviews on certain programs, companies, and business to deal with.

So whether you are looking for a simple guide on creating a business plan, or looking to land a career, or just want to get yourself inspired, look no further. We got it all covered.

Our Staff:

Seth Woods - CEO
Kellen Connor - Editor
Celia Hughes - Writer
Junie Rutkevich - Writer
Deion Ratner - Writer