Top 3 Biggest Sites To Promote Your Music

Are you someone who loves making music every day? Are you looking for the best ways to expose your music to the masses? If you’re a musician for the past twenty years, then you know that the internet has the power to deliver your music to billions of people worldwide with just a click. The internet, however, is vast! And with countless music sharing sites available, it can be difficult to know which are legitimate, which treat artists fairly and respectfully, and which sites ultimately deserve your music.

If you are serious about your music and serious about delivering your music to more ears in the most efficient and professional ways online, then read on.

Indaba Music

indabamusicIndaba’s site was founded in 2007, and like many music sharing sites today, Indaba Music serves as both a social networking site and a collaboration environment for musicians. Indaba’s music workstation allows artists to not only upload and promote their own music but also to record, edit, and mix tracks collaboratively all online. Indaba is constantly at work building new tools and features and partnering with leaders in the fields of music and technology to bring musicians the latest opportunities. Indaba’s own employees are musicians and are active members of their own community who frequently collaborate with other members. Therefore, when you decide to share your artistry on Indaba Music, you can trust that you and your work are in good hands.


reverbnationReverb Nation has been around since 2006 helping connect millions of artists to venues, festivals, publishers, labels, and fans. They are dedicated to putting their artists first, providing unparalleled access to the global music industry, and developing innovative tools to help emerging artists. If you’re an independent artist, Reverb Nation has the premier music marketing tool for you: Promote It. Promote It is a tool that allows independent musicians to deliver targeted ads for their band on Facebook and other major music sites such as Spin, MTV, and YouTube. Promote It can show statistics that Facebook can’t such as the number of plays, number of indirect clicks, and whether your music gets shared. Solidifying Reverb Nation as one of the best sites to promote your music, here are some other innovative tools and programs they have to offer:

  • TuneWidget, which allows members to place content on their own web pages and links back to additional content.
  • Band Equity, which analyzes a band’s reach, influence, access, and recency as an index of their popularity.
  • Gig Finder, which gives musicians access to a database of more than 600,000 venues and simplifies the process of booking shows
  • Music For Good, which is a program that allows artists to donate half of any MP3 sales to a non-profit of their choice.


As you can guess by now, Sound Cloud is an online audio sharing platform that allows its users to record, upload, and promote their original sounds (including music, loops, poetry, and even a spoken-word explanation of a pop filter). Now, here’s why it’s one of the biggest and best places to promote your music:

  • over 200 million listeners
  • artists can upload their music with a unique URL
  • record and upload straight from your smartphone with Sound Cloud’s app for iOS and Android
  • of all songs uploaded to Sound Cloud, over 50% are played within the first half-hour and 90% receive a listen from at least one user

Now, you are ready to share your music with the world!

You work tirelessly to achieve your sound and your image; your music deserves to be presented in the best possible light on the best possible platforms. These three sites will do just that, plus give you the boost you need to move upward in your music career, boldly creating your sounds and sharing them with the globe!

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