Are Medical Clinics Still A Lucrative Business Idea?


A recent report from Accenture showed a significant increase of 47% in the number of medical clinics by 2017. The primary reason for this surge is that medical clinics have been around for some time and have been generating a substantial profit for their companies. Initially, these clinics dealt mainly with seasonal or minor acute medical conditions and were staffed by nurse practitioners. Today, most of them have incorporated electronic health records and also manage chronic conditions with access to telehealth services. Some of the companies operating retail clinics are building a patient volume by partnering with regional healthcare.

There is a profound impact on the overall profitability of these clinics due to the fact that they serve as a key driver of future growth. It has also been proved that most patients are comfortable going to medical clinics for preventive care such as vaccinations. Their prices are much affordable than other medical offices because insurance covers a bigger portion of their costs. They also provide high-quality health care services for simple acute problems which encourage patients to visit the medical clinics. Although most people would consider starting this business as the most challenging endeavors in the field of healthcare, it is also viewed as one of the most rewarding accomplishments for a medical professional.

Hair loss replacement and salon clinics have also been booming over the recent years because of their wide client base. Starting this type of business not only helps people physically but also emotionally. You will always feel good when you look good and you can make several individuals much happier with themselves. Most of the units provided are highly customizable for different people and how much does a hair transplant cost depends entirely of hair color, hair density and length to the hairline. Since there are different reasons why most people have this problem, hair loss replacement services can actually help recover what seems to be impossible.

It is also important to give a lot of thought to salon clinics by opening up a business for the right reasons. Although it requires your love and passion to help individuals improve their skin and appearance, you have to be ready to work seven days a week for the first year or two. Most of the salon clinics are meant to provide professional services and treatments by qualified practitioners. All of your treatments should be clinically proven to be safe. Various ailments and concerns should be treated with professional attention and utmost care.

Rewards and Benefits

Greater ability to boost revenue

Accepting more patients, offering evening or weekend appointments and extending working hours is one of the ways in which you can increase revenue. Individual practitioners can also scale up their businesses by providing ancillary services. If you are a new physician you can earn supplementary income by providing telehealth services or virtual visits.

Endless possibilities

Medical clinics have a variety of options and opportunities to generate income. There are vast services you can provide to clients including general medicine, training others, specialized care, and consultation. Besides working as an individual entrepreneur, you can also bring more experienced physicians into practice.

Build a trusted and respected business

There are several elements that can be implemented to maintain a high rate of patient retention. Most patients prefer seeing the same nurse, physician or front-desk staff whenever they are making follow-up visits. Having a license that meets the health standards in a medical clinic proves your credibility. Once you have built the trust with various patients, you will earn the respect and it also possible to scale your business over time.

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