Driverless Vehicles – Are You Ready To Surrender Your Control On The Road?


According to contributing writer Russ Mitchell in an article “Financial Review” written on February 11, 2017, Ford Motors has contributed a huge stake on the automaker in order to get ahead of the “driverless vehicle” manufacturers, Ford chief executive Mark Fields said to. Is this ironic that Ford now wants “no drivers behind the wheel” when Henry Ford was the one who pioneered the driver’s behind the wheel more than half a century ago?
The mega auto giant did purchase $1 billion worth of Argo AI “brains,” which is considering that since human’s supposedly don’t have any “brains” we will only get lazier. It brought $1B worth of brainless vehicles for humans “not to drive” the Argo AI cars.

Who’s the Brainless Subsidiary?

Of course, The Argos…

Will this work? Will people depend on Ford engineers to drive them to work or school?

According to the auto making giant, yes; they will integrate driverless software “with sensors.” Ford agrees to buy the brains for the brainless or the “virtual driving systems.” There’s going to be a massive disruption with 13 other auto makers because of this. Now Argo AI is part of the auto giant’s subsidiary company which is Ford.
This investment will be happening for the next 5 years. The question for “smart drivers” is this question “Are the drivers really smart?”

Building the body, Ford too?

What’s the deal with Ford and the body? Well, the outside body will also be built by Ford. Therefore, we have the body of Ford, the brains of Argo, which is the youngster, and the money of a mega-giant that will keep everyone afloat.

This sound’s like a plan. Let’s invest in this; not for $1 million, but let’s do it for US$1B and allow Detroit City to go down, like they have already.

Who cares that it’s a billion dollars for investing in a startup company. It’s like launching a billion dollar rocket into space not knowing if it’ll sky rocket or not. Let’s go ahead and put humans in these vehicles and have them be the ‘crash test dummies’ for being the test pilots of it and deal with the windshield repair or fender bender later. Humans have no brains anyway.

Sounds familiar, real familiar?

Does this sound like Google Maps all over again? Didn’t we, as drivers, get lost because of such brainless software that told us where to go when we were lost, and we got more lost a few years ago? Ford will invest US$1 billion ($1.3 billion) in Argo over the next five years. For now the company will focus exclusively on Ford, but in the future the company could license its driverless technology, Fields said. The “small artificial intelligence startup” Argo AI (the software) says it will create the driverless cars.

They’re small. Let’s not worry about the hardware systems which Ford says ‘they’ll build into the Ford vehicles,’ Fields said.

Ownership structure unusual

A tech startup but, with the body of a Ford. This is like a blonde (or brunette) bombshell with no brains, much less a youngster in the game of chance now. Finally, a youngster with a beautiful hard body and no brains to drive us to work, finally.

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