The 21st Century Security Resume

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of mid-sized companies and almost all large corporations use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen candidates for job opportunities. There are a variety of reasons recruiters and hiring managers adopt this type of technology. With an ATS in place, human resource departments can automate and store hiring documents online so the searching managers never have to worry about sifting through stacks of paperwork or hundreds of emails to find what they need.

In our fast pace world, prospect employers just don’t have the time, as was had in the past, to review resumes. In the security field, and in the guard services particular, the turn-over rate is outstanding.

So, how does one construct an innovative resume? Simply put, just take advantage of today’s modern day technology, by placing your resume online instead of buying  Microsoft Office from Software Keep, type it there and then print it out. This concept may then be addressed in a short but attractive “resume cover letter”. This letter should give your website along with the available work history links that are available on your website.

Once your online resume is set up, then you will have the flexibility of adding links to your resume. These link topics may then be placed on your resume cover letter. Topics such as examples of your report writing skills, your problem solving skills, policy drafts, employee grievance settlements, range pistol scores in case a company has armed positions, etc. And one good advantage of links, over written material, is that they may actually show real time documents and real time YouTube performances or interviews.

Also, if you choose not to draft a computerized resume, then you may consider the new “QR” (quick response) code technology which may be placed directly on your written resume. These apps may be accessed by smart phone technology.

It is not within the scope of this article to explain in detail the various technologies available. You may research the various ideas by way of the internet. All these new innovative resume methods are good and also have the capability of posting information on the various social media formats such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. if you have a website, a blog or if you are featured on somebody else’s website, add those links as well.

And don’t forget to make your computerized resume “keyword” rich. In order that search engines, such as Google, may bring up your resume. Keyword phrases such as “a good resume”, “a perfect job search”, “good job opportunities”, etc. Don’t forget to place the phrases that you use, on the upper corner of your resume. It is also good to give your computerized resume a unique code number but include the number as part of your key word phrase.

Of course, you may need to solicit the proper computer professional to assist you with this new idea. However, if you get hired, is it not the right idea to recoup your time taken and cost?

One caution though – in scanning and making various documents available for linking, be very careful not to devolve any company trade secrets or personalities. Keep them “PG” please.

By using these computerized options, a demanding HR manager can then direct your resume, down through the chain of employment, to the right department manager for review.

This type of resume savvy is still in its infant stages, however, it will get the attention of the hiring managers over those eternal stacks of boring paper resumes on the desk that never get read. Besides, it will label you as an energetic, modern day thinker, who considers the salability of the HR manager’s time.

If you have a website, don’t forget online postings. There are several, free and fee paid, such sites available. Your state unemployment office may offer this type service, as well. And some sites allow you to post your picture and videos.

Remember, you should always research the online sites privacy policy to see how they will use your information, and how they intend to secure your information. And always restrict what personal information you give out online, as the wrong information could wind up half way around the world.

Yes. we are living in one of the fastest pace eras of human history. An age whereby a computerized security resume has the capability of being review instantly in all parts of the world. So, to get the edge on the highly competitive security market, one must think “outside of the box”. Buzz words such as smart phones, icons, apps, QR codes, computer links, and the like, are just such reason that the security field has advanced as fast as it has.

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