5 Ways To Avoid Getting Fired From The Job

When the economy is tough, companies have the tendency to downsize their workforce. During these times, employers consider carefully which employees to keep and which ones to fire. Here are some tips on how to avoid displacement.

Always Check Your Performance

Employers will always check the performance of employees when making decisions regarding downsizing. Companies will always keep employees with excellent performance. Therefore, if you want to avoid being fired, you need to notch up your performance and try to exceed your goals. It is also advisable to mention some of your accomplishments when chatting with your boss. If your supervisors are aware of your achievements, then they will have no reason to fire you.

Do Not Hide in the Corner

Do not hide in the corner when your boss is around. Always grab an opportunity to talk with him. It is also advisable to ask him about his goals. If you know about his objectives, then you can fine-tune your own performance go hand in hand with your boss’ performance. Furthermore, talking to your boss will give him a chance to know you. Of course, the more he knows you, the harder it is for him to fire you.

Be Aware of Others Perceive Your Behavior

You must always be aware of how others perceive your behavior. Usually, employees are fired not because of their performance, but because of their inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Revenue jobs employers also ask about the opinions of other employees before making a decision to fire a person. Therefore, if you want to keep your job, you need to make sure that you are likable to your co-workers.

Login Early and Logout Late

Be punctual and avoid being late. Tardiness will always give a negative impact on you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you will always login in time. It is also advisable to work extra hours before going home. This will show that you are dedicated to your job and you are doing your best to help the company. Leisure jobs employers will always keep employees who are dedicated to their job.

Be Flexible

Avoid having the ‘not my job ‘attitude. Sometimes employers will ask you to do tasks that are not within your scope. Do not complain. Doing something that is not your job is always better than having no job. Be cooperative at all times and always do what the company ask you. In this way, your supervisors will see that you are flexible and will have no reason to put you in the displacement list. Furthermore, if you are cooperative and flexible, the higher ups may recommend you for promotions when the company becomes more stable.


Companies downsize their workforce during economic difficulties. Usually, employees who are fired are the ones who do not follow the five things mentioned above. If you want to keep your job, you must not give your employers any reason to fire you. Make sure to display a good performance, maintain a proper behavior in the workplace, and do the other things that will help you keep your job.

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