8 Ways You Can Earn If You Love Taking Pictures

Choosing a career that you love can make your working life so much more enjoyable. For this reason, it makes sense to turn an activity you enjoy into a potentially profitable career. If you have a passion for photography, there are several different routes you can take if you decide to turn your hobby into a money-making venture.


Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for skilled photographers, either to work as part of the team or on a freelance basis. They want someone who can depict a product or service at its best and can also interpret a brand image and reflect this in a way that appeals to the right target market. Advertising work is varied, with subjects ranging from people to food and office supplies to homewares. Your work may be displayed in magazines, on billboards, on the web page of a business or on a variety of marketing materials.


Companies are often looking for a professional photographer to take photographs for a variety of reasons. These are often used for marketing materials or for promotional events by small or large businesses and companies. It could be for the use as a cover for a catalog, product labels, print ads and flyers, and many more.


Although a career in fashion photography is often considered the most glamorous option, the reverse is actually true. Fashion photography doesn’t always involve sitting at the side of the catwalk and mixing with top models. In fact, a lot of the day-to-day work is for catalogues. It can be a difficult line of work to get started in due to the high level of competition. However, if you succeed, the financial rewards are great and there may be opportunities to travel to some fantastic destinations.

Fine Art

If photography is all about creativity for you, then photography as a form of art might be your preferred option. Your photographs are exhibited in museums or art galleries for members of the public to view or buy. They may also be published in books. Another way to sell your fine art photographs is to display them on websites specifically for the sale of photographic artwork or via your own WordPress website.


There are opportunities to work in a freelance capacity to supply photographs to magazines, newspapers and news agencies. In some instances, you may approach them with photographs you have taken that relate to topical issues. Another way of earning money is to accept commissions where you are given a brief about the type of photographs a publication needs. With regards to the latter, you will gain more work as you gain experience and build a reputation.

Portrait Studio

Members of the public often turn to professional photographers to capture special times in their lives. For example, when someone has a baby or a couple get married, they will want to mark the occasion with special photographs. To work in this field of photography, you will need fantastic people skills and your own premises to hold photography sessions. You will also need to be flexible about the hours you work and be willing to travel to venues.


Not all photography is about beauty and happy moments; there is a huge demand for photography that records real life events and evidence. Just a few examples of this include natural history images, medical photography and photography for the police, military or forensics. This is not a job for the faint-hearted as not all the subjects for photography are pleasant. It is possible that you will need additional training or qualifications alongside photography to build a career in scientific photography.


Finally, you can sell your photographs via stock websites. Businesses, bloggers and members of the public can buy stock photographs from the site. Although you earn money from the photograph, the stock website will take a fee from the sale. This is best-suited to people looking to earn a little extra cash from their photography in addition to another job as it is unlikely to earn you a living. However, if you are working as a photographer, it can be a good way of making additional income by selling surplus photographs.


If you are passionate about photography, then you have many choices open to you if you decide to make this your career. Each type of photography will suit different people, depending on their personal skills and other interests. There are also options to be employed or self-employed, working in a freelance capacity.

One more tip…

No matter which is your preferred genre of photography to focus on for your career, creating a website is one of the best options for promoting your work and photography services. It is very easy to do this since there are free websites around the internet, or you can try some CMS platform which will be able to give you more flexibility and style, such as WordPress. There are many reasons why wordpress is popular to any business niche today, so you might as well try this option.

You can either showcase your portfolio with a link of each photo to where you are affiliated or where the customers will be able to purchase a licensed copy, or you can run your own shop and sell it directly to the customers. In a way,  a website is not only a good way of attracting new customers, it is also a good way of building customer loyalty for your future success.

However, one must know how to drive traffic and generate views for your work so that it will help you increase your photography sales or gain more work commissions.

Get in-touch with the professionals to take advantage of the internet’s marketing opportunity. As soon as people become aware and familiar of your works, the sales will eventually follow. And once potential customers are impressed with what they see on your website, they are likely to get in touch and may even return for further photographs in the future.

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