10 Best Home-Based Business You Can Start Today

What kind of a home-based business will you start? Provided here are some great home-based businesses to start today. The criteria to make this list were based on high ease of entry, relatively low cost, high future demand, and potentially high return. Individuals and couples must exercise great caution in pursuing home-based business opportunities simply because they show up here. You should first choose a business because you love it and you’re skilled in doing it.

Internet sales and marketing

Yes, indeed, there are dot-com failures around. But the Internet train keeps gather steam. If you have a product to sell, this is very likely the way to sell it (or auction it). If you don’t have a product, you can sell someone else’s from the confines of your home. Opportunities such as e-stores, e-auctions, and site selling have moved this category into the number one position – that and more than a billion dollars in sales last year. Get a website built and you’re off and running.

Children’s products and programs

From toys and furniture to educational programs, this category sizzles with possibilities. According to Make Me Up Mandy, the US birthrate is stagnating, but median family incomes are rising and so are parents’ efforts to do more while having less time for their children. With so many working parents, after-school and summer programs with substance are desperately needed. Children’s furniture, painted murals, and training and exercise programs are other items that will be in demand. Profit potential is moderate, but you will be doing something important.

Informational detective or researcher

Have a bit of Sherlock Holmes in you? You can make good money by sleuthing for information that corporate executives and others need but don’t have time to search for themselves. Government regulations and intelligence regarding competitors are but two areas to pursue. Technology has made information-gathering easier but also has stockpiled the amount of information to plow through. Solve someone’s time problem by offering to locate and retrieve the information they need and you’ll have people knocking on your door!

Home Inspector

Home sales depend increasingly on the results of a professional inspection. The inspectors generally are independent contractors who are trained and certified; many also have past experience as homebuilders or in the construction trades. While that experience is helpful, it is not mandatory. But certification is necessary if you want to move beyond having your mother-in-law and best friend as clients. Not only do buyers need home inspectors, but real estate companies, insurance firms and banks do, too.

Internet Web Developer

Get started by developing websites for your church, your child’s school PTSA, or your politician friend. But building sites for businesses is where the money is. Training is available through the Web (naturally) at low cost. Some do require you a scanner, additional disk storage, a faster internet connection, and other equipment, but some do offer just downloable materials which you can print out or save in your smartphones. If this is a labor of love for you and you know how to market yourself, you will never be out of work. You can earn $50 and $100 an hour and hire out as a contractor businesses for large developments.

Virtual Assistant

For many business people today, time is more precious than money. You help them, not by unplugging their clocks, but by doing their shopping, running errands, chauffeuring children, and doing other tasks that effectively give them more personal time. The most ambitious here will also see ways to become virtual business assistants by providing services such as word processing, newsletter writing, even digital photography or web design. Serve your clients in as many ways as you know how.

Event planner and organizer

Life won’t become one big party with your Armani suits or Solemani boots, but it could become many little ones. Talented organizers for weddings, bar mitzvahs, morale events, and the like are in high demand if they are strong marketers as well. But it takes a creative bone, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an indifference to the traditional workweek.

Home repairs and landscaping

Home equity enhancement. Cute name, but the real words here are painting, repairing, and landscaping. The more you can do to increase the value of a home in the real estate market, the more you can make. Selling yourself to real estate agents is a good first step. How can a PC help? New technology allows you to provide potential clients with a look at their home – with your improvements added.

Personal coach

Corporate chieftains, entrepreneurs, and most everyone else could use an objective listener to identify and correct weaknesses. The key here is that you must possess the ability to help someone from skills and experience you have developed in your own life. You also must be a good listener and a good self-marketer.

Technical Support

Those who troubleshoot computer system problems at businesses big and small will never be out of work. But you can build a similar business out of your home, offering training and support (even security consulting) to small offices, home offices, and residential customers with computers. Prerequisites (besides a demonstrated knowledge) include a passion for technology, a customer service bent, hourly rates, and a flexible – but not too flexible – schedule.

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