4 Unique and Creative Business Ideas You Can Try Yourself

Looking for some ideas to open your own business? Then you might want to stop by and read what we wrote here. In the old days, most people around the world have similar types of businesses. That makes every businessman competes to each other to enhance the performance of their company. But, not all of us love being in a competition. That’s why some people prefer to come up with new ideas to build a unique business. Take a look at the 4 businesses below as the examples. Who know one of them might inspire you to create something new.

1. Cat Cafe

Usually, we come to a cafe to enjoy a peaceful time while drinking a delicious cup of coffee or tea. But, that is not the only thing we can do in Cat Cafe from Japan. As you can guess by its name, it is a cafe where we can have a drink while enjoying the cuteness of some cats. We even can pet them, which is the best part especially for cat lovers. This cafe is so popular in cities like Tokyo or Osaka. It is very famous that we need to make a reservation on holidays.

2. Anger Room

Are you feeling so angry right now? You are so mad that you want to break things? Then you definitely have to come to Anger Room. It is the perfect room where you can release your anger as a result of stress. Here you can break everything like computer, television, chair, or else with a baseball bat or sledge hammer. It is Tim Alexander who started it all in the US. Due to its popularity, some people start to do the same in different countries like Serbia or Indonesia.

3. Custom Ink

There have been a lot of retails which are selling clothes for men, women, or children via online. Usually, we choose the dress we like from the website, order and pay for it. But, Custom Ink has a unique way to sell their clothes. Here we do not simply choose and buy. But, we can design our own shirt. We can design any images or writings to print on the shirt as we like. Once we are done, we will send it to them, and they will make it for us. When it arrives to us, we have a shirt which is the only one in the world. Interesting, right?

4. Grandma Recipes

Do you have some recipes of delicious foods from your grandma? Instead of keeping or ignoring them, why not turning them into a home-based business. This is what Fraser Doherty exactly did to make some money. By using his grandma recipes, he makes a wide variety of jams in a traditional way. He named his products as SuperJam, and surprisingly, it becomes a big hit. He is able to sell approximately 500.000 bottles per year. Now his share is worth from 1 to 2 million US dollars in such a young age.

So, what do you think about the businesses we mentioned here? They are surely very unique and different. Not to mention, no one can compete with them since they are still considered to be a new thing. That’s why it is better to build a different business rather than doing the same thing with others.

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