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What if a business did things differently?

Sun 09:32 on 18 September 2011

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This essentially was the start of our journey. A paper which challenged the inherent assumption in traditional capitalism, that the responsibility of business was merely to provide a financial return.

Dealing with poverty was nothing new, but the question became how does poverty still exist in a world with sufficient resources for a decent quality of life for everyone?' The answer was that we have yet to develop any economic system capable of redistributing finite resources in a way that everyone has at minimum enough for a decent life: food, decent housing, transportation, clothing, health care, and education. The problem has not been lack of resources, but adequate distribution of resources. Capitalism is the most powerful economic engine ever devised, yet it came up short with its classical, inherent profit-motive as being presumed to be the driving force. Under that presumption, all is good in the name of profit became the
prevailing winds of international economies -- thereby giving carte blanche to the notion that greed is good because it is what has driven capitalism. The 1996 paper merely took exception with the assumption that personal profit, greed, and the desire to amass as much money and property on a personal level as possible are inherent and therefore necessary aspects of any
capitalist endeavour. Whilst it is in fact very normal for that to be the case, it simply does not follow that it must be the case.