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  • Please note that Natural Gas is specified separately.

  • NB: the unit for carbon footprint is tonne of CO2e (Carbon dioxide equivalent)

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Mayday opinion survey questions

1) Climate change is unlikely to affect how I do business in the next 5 years

2) I am not influenced by climate scepticism in the media

3) It is not the responsibility of business to engage its employees on environmental issues

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Energy steps for your company

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Here are actions you can take over the coming year - select from the list.

  • Monitor energy use

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  • Reduce energy use from lighting

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  • Reduce energy use from heating and air conditioning

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  • Reduce energy use in your facilities

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  • Reduce the energy use of your equipment & appliances

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  • Calculate an energy carbon footprint for your organisation

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  • Develop an energy strategy

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  • Investigate using renewable energy sources

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  • Consider offsetting your remaining carbon emissions

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  • Extend the scope of your emissions reductions.

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1000s of UK businesses are using the Mayday Journey to track and share the ways in which they are helping the environment and cutting down on waste.

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Case studies from Mayday members

  • Graham Cooper's picture

    Reducing factory carbon emissions

    Agfa Graphics saved £100,000 manufacturing costs and reduced CO2 by 3% per unit output in the factory by investing in new technology, in support of ISO 14001 and PPC permit commitments.

  • Healthy environment for emission reductions

    Becoming the world’s first CarbonNeutral® media company in 2006, Sky cut CO2 emissions by over 27% over the last 3 years. With their auto standby software for Sky+ and Sky HD set top boxes, Sky has also helped customers collectively cut their bills by £16 million.

  • Environmental Policies

    The Co-operative Group’s environmental priorities are climate change, waste, biodiversity and persistent bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals.

  • Tesco's picture

    Empowering customers to reduce carbon emissions

    Tesco has built its reputation as an innovative retailer by responding to customer requests to reduce and remove key barriers to switching to low-carbon behaviours and shopping habits.

  • Groundbreaking renewables and high-quality offsets

    The Co-operative Group has pioneered renewable energy solutions alongside innovative consumer offsetting schemes to become one of the world’s leading businesses tackling climate change.

  • Capgemini UK's picture

    Capgemini UK: Merlin - The Sustainable Data Centre

    Data centres are central to Capgemini’s IT outsourcing business; the company has 27 centres globally consuming 70% of the company’s energy. Capgemini UK’s Merlin data centre uses new design and technology to reduce power usage and emissions by 40%.

  • Anglian Water: Drop CO2

    Climate change represents a serious challenge for all water companies, particularly Anglian Water. Its Drop CO2 campaign drives to mitigate this by reducing its carbon emissions and energy costs, providing both environmental and business benefits.

  • Wates Group's picture

    Wates - Wales Environment Award - Winner

    Using ISO14001 as a foundation, Wates’ two-fold focus for environmental improvement lies in carbon reduction and a zero waste target, aiming to lead the way in low carbon construction.

  • Anglian Water - Bank of America Merrill Lynch Climate Change Award Winner

    Coping with a changing climate requires a mixture of policies and actions
    to reduce the impact on the climate and adjust to future changes. Anglian
    Water’s approach is divided into mitigation and adaptation strategies. Each drop of water comes with plenty of CO2 attached: "Our Drop CO2 campaign is about halving our embodied carbon and reducing our operational carbon in real terms".

  • Unipart Group of Companies: The Unipart Way

    Unipart is going beyond delivering sustainable environmental improvements and providing leadership both within Unipart and with suppliers, partners and clients to reduce the carbon footprint in the overall supply chain.

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